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Older announces, and some history


april, 30 2005

  • New ivy-python 1.1 available (Sébastien Bigaret)
  • New ivy-ocaml sources and sarge binary available thanks to Pascal Brisset (ivy is creeping but also flying ! See project Paparazzi)
  • New Ivy C++ sources thanks to François-Régis Colin (compatible with PCRE 5.0)
  • New Debian sarge binaries for ivy-c and ivy-perl (work in progress..)

april, 21 2005

Many thanks to Sébastien Bigaret for coding a from-scratch implementation of ivy in Python, available from the ivy sources section.

january, 26 2005

Thanks to Philippe Truillet :

  • new ivy-perl PPM for Active Perl on Windows (See Download/binaries)
  • new ivy-java archive for PocketPC (See Download/binaries)
january, 6 2005

Happy new year ivy folks !

  • new ivy-c++ sources and Ivyprobe binary for win32, thanks to Francois-Régis.
  • new ivy-perl (version 4.17) sources and binaries (debian only)
  • added two new ivy-apps (download/applications):
    • ivyirc, a simple gateway between ivy and irc, written in perl
    • ivy java gui monitor, thanks to Francis Jambon (Clips-Imag)
  • new ivymon 1.10 thanks to Daniel
  • new ivy-java coming soon ! ;-)


october, 4 2004

I added two new documents (french only) in the documentation section thanks to Philippe Truillet. They describe how ivy could be used to build multimodal applications.
september, 20 2004

A new ivy-c package is available for Mandrake 10.0 (should work with 10.1) thanks to Alexandre Bustico.
july, 30 2004

Summer news :

  • A brand new ivymon is now available in the application section thanks to Daniel Etienne ! Just to remind you : ivymon is a graphical perl-tk application for monitoring Ivy agents.
  • ivy-c sources have been updated by Yannick Jestin and version 3.6 is now available in the source section. New stuff :
    • now uses PCRE ( Perl Compatible Regular Expressions ). Please use -livy -lpcre now when compiling. See the pcre web site or man pcre for more details
    • tclivy.c : many bugfixes to support spaces in parameters captured by regexp
    • added an example directory, with gtk motif and tk bindings
    • fixed a nasty bug in the IvyUnbindMsg, where new client still were sent a binding to the unbound regexps
    • added a help message for ivyprobe, when called with -? or with unknown command line switches
    • added a -n switch to ivyprobe to change the name of the ivyprobe
    • added a -v switch to ivyprobe to check the ivy-c version
    • Makefile merges solaris, linux, and OSX versions. edit before compiling...
  • A new ivy-java (1.2.6) is out ! (Yes, See Source section again)
    • the manual has been heavily updated
    • new Ivy methods waitForMsg() and waitForClient() make the synchronization with other Ivy agents easier.
    • IvyClient now sends back an error message when an incorrect regexp is sent the message is supposed to be readable
    • Perl compatible jakarta regexp are used instead of gnu-regexp we gain a compatibility with Perl and the new ivy-c 3.4.6
    • Asynchronous execution of callbacks are available
    • Nasty bugs have been fixed ! see the Changelog for details

june, 14 2004

  • Slides of a talk (french) given by Christophe Mertz at "Journées Perl 2004" in Paris in the documentation section.
  • New ivy agents available on the DIAMANT pages
  • Many thanks to Bruno Merlin, Mathieu Raynal and Philippe Truillet for their ivy practice sheet (in french) useful for teaching ivy-java to students !. Please see documentation section.

march, 24 2004

Who's using Ivy ? Number of people have tried Ivy but some of them really use it daily ! Ivy is used for teaching (in Toulouse, IUP NTIE3 ∧ DESS IHM), for research purposes (LAAS, CENA, IRIT, Team DIAMANT) or in the industry (Intuilab).


  • october, 7 2003 New ivy-c sources (3.5 version) available in the source section.
    september, 18 2003

    end of summer, end of holidays, welcome back on ivy website !

    • A new ivy-perl debian package has been uploaded by Christophe. Ivy-perl implementation now uses libtime-hires-perl, a standard debian package rather than the homemade gettimeofday. New sources also available in the perl source section.
    • The ivy mailing list is now operated from sympa mailing list manager instead of Majordomo. This change is *normally* transparent for users who are automatically redirected to the new system. No additional subscription required. Only subscribe/unsubscribe procedures differs. Please see the mailing list page.

    august, 5 2003 Ivy is now available from Metacard thanks to François-Régis !! Feel free to download it from source section.
    july, 28 2003 Many thanks to François-Régis, for providing us a new Ivy implementation with C#. You can download ivy-csharp sources in the source section.
    june, 12 2003 Bugfix in ivy-perl, 4.14 version source and packages available for Debian and Mandrake in the download section.
    march, 14 2003 You can now download ivy-ada sources in the source section (requires ivy-c installed and gnat).
    march, 10 2003 A makefile for ivy-c on solaris is now available in the download/source section. A pre-compiled Sun Sparc package of ivy-c is also available.
    march, 3 2003

    • Python is crawling, Ivy is creeping, just try the new Ivy-c Python wrapper thanks to Didier Pavet !
    • You want Ivy running on your PockePC ? Just have a look at PocketPC section. Many thanks to Phillipe Truillet for these binaries.
    • Ivy is now available from Flash with IvyFlashBridge, thanks to Alexandre Lemort.
    • New download section, please give me feedback.
    féb, 12 2003 Alexandre Lemort volunteered mandrake 9.0 (dolphin) packages for perl-Net-Ivy and perl-Time-Gettimeofday. Thanks !
    jan, 08 2003 the new ivy-java relase (1.2.3), fixes 2 bugs is more robust. Try it !


    dec, 30 2002 the new ivy-java relase (1.2.2), fixes 2 bugs. Happy politically correct holiday season !
    dec, 10 2002 The (french) slides of a talk describing Ivy are online in the documentation area
    dec, 03 2002 ivy-perl bugfix, please check the 4.13 debian package and source.
    sep, 30 2002 alpha release of com-ivy 0.1, a win32 COM component to enable your windows applications running VBA
    sep, 30 2002 release of ivy java 1.2.1
    jul, 14 2002 release of ivymon, reaching its 1.0 version
    jul, 10 2002 Thanks to Pascal Brisset, ivy-caml hits the web site and is available for download
    jun, 27 2002 new release of ivy-c 3.4, with a brand new MacOSX image installer thanks to Marcellin Buisson. The Mandrake, debian and MacOSX packages are available for download. New release of ivy-perl 4.12 with multicast support.
    jun, 19 2002 new release of ivy-c ( 3.3, tcp multicast support for rendez-vous, much easier to use than UDP broadcast )
    jun, 13 2002 new release of ivy-java ( 1.2.0, many new features and bugfixes, works with 1.4.0 ), ivy-perl (4.10 for mandrake/redhat and debian packages available) and gettimeofday-perl (1.0.1 ,works with windows XP and NT ).
    mar, 08 2002 ivymon packaged for mandrake 8.0 (traktopel)
    mar, 08 2002 ivy-java, upgraded to 1.0.9 ! it is almost bugfree now
    mar, 06 2002, ivy-java, upgraded to 1.0.8 ! A big bug squished.
    feb, 20 2002, irbox, the ivy relay to Irman infrared remote controller, has been upgraded to 1.2; fvwmivyrelay, a relay between Fvwm2 and an Ivy bus, has been shipped as a debian package.
    feb, 18 2002, festivy Mandrake package first upload, debian packages too. Festivy sends requests to the Festival speech synthesis server upon the reception of appropriate messages on the Ivy bus it is connected to. New debian packages for ivyd, irbox, festivy
    jan, 3 2002, ivymon debian package and source updated to 0.9.4


    dec, 11 2001, java and c++ api documentation updated
    dec, 11 2001, availability of the mailing list archive
    dec, 3 2001, ivy-perl debian package and source updated to 4.9
    dec, 3 2001, ivymon debian package and source updated to 0.9.2
    4 Sept 2001, Ivy is registerend as a freshmeat project
    nov, 28 2001, ivymon debian package and source updated to 0.9.1
    nov, 23 2001, ivymon debian package and source updated to 0.9
    nov, 5 2001, win32 c++ lib msi package updated to 1.1, with lots of bugfixes
    oct, 12 2001, ivy-perl debian package and source updated to 4.8.1, with a bugfix related to the display of empty matches
    oct, 10 2001, ivy-java updated to 1.0.7, with a bugfix related to the processing of leading empty pattern matches.
    oct, 8 2001, a bug has been found while processing patterns matching empty strings. The bugfixes will hit this web site asap.
    sept, 28 2001, ivy-perl updated to 4.8, both in deb and source format.
    april, 25 2001, ivy java release 1.0-3 now runs in jdk1.3
    march, 26 2001, opening of the frequently asked questions area
    19 February 2001, François Régis Colin reports a successful use of Ivy on a PDA, Ipaq, running Windows PocketPC
    january, 18 2001, release of the ivymon debian package
    january, 18 2001, update of the ivy-perl debian package


    december, 12 2000, update of the ivy-c and ivy-c-devel RPM packages
    september, 9 2000, we proudly annonce the release of Ivy CS10, that Repeats JLCooper CS-10 MIDI device messages as Ivy messages.
    11 July 2000. Creation of this web site. Ivy becomes fully public, under GPL or GPL license. We hope it will prove to be useful!


    Ivy is used by TEC team in Eurocontrol, for SkyTools project
    Ivy is used un CENA withing the Fugue Air Traffic Control simulator, which is available on the www.OpenATC.org web site